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Maureen Harper

Graphic Communication and Event management
for Seminars, Staff Away Days and Exhibitions

Could you use some help with planning and running events like internal or external seminars or conferences.

Maureen Harper and Eleanor Clark provide Event Management for small, medium or large events tailored individually to your needs. We take care of all of the many tasks involved in planning and delivering an event with a professional finish. You concentrate on the messages you want to get across to achieve your objectives. We will concentrate on getting your audience, setting the atmosphere and choosing the venue best suited to your event.

We have a wealth of: experience in organising events; knowledge of statutory, voluntary and commercial organisations in Scotland; expertise in product design and promotion. Our team of associates offer a range of professional experience and expertise.

At all points we provide you with regular progress reports.

We take care of any or all of: click to view/hide text

• pre event requirements like: invitations to delegates; booking suitable venues and assembling event materials,

• services on the day including: registering delegates; ushering delegates between sessions and supervising AV equipment,

• post event follow up such as: thank you letters to speakers and analysis of evaluation responses.

Please contact either of us for more detail: or

Pre-event Services click to view/hide text

The way you set up an event is crucial to its success. You need to have the right audience and the best location. Good presentation and a clear programme for the day guarantees you catch people’s attention and leave them wanting to know more. We will work with you well in advance of the event to find which of these you want us to take care of for you,

1 Drafting and dissemination of: promotional material; invitation letters; confirmation letters to event delegates; invitations to speakers and workshop leaders
2 Sourcing suitable venue; arranging audio visual equipment; arranging catering
3 Booking accommodation for delegates and speakers
4 Maintaining all records of delegates and speakers
5 Assembly of programme for the event
6 Production and assembly of event materials: conference folders; delegate badges; workshop lists; evaluation sheets
7 Arrangement of exhibition space
8 Co-ordination of displays and promotional material

Services on the day click to view/hide text

You want the day to run seamlessly and for everyone to think it just happens, let us help ensure it does by providing these services.

1 Staff in attendance throughout the day to coordinate the event: supervising timekeeping; catering; AV equipment
2 Registering delegates and meeting and greeting speakers
3 Providing signage for workshops, plenary sessions and exhibitions
4 Ushering delegates between sessions
5 Collecting evaluation sheets

Post event click to view/hide text

The impact of the event does not finish on the day. You want to make a lasting impression. You want an initial measure of your success from feedback from the delegates. Your messages can then be reinforced by follow up.

1 Analysis of evaluation responses

2 Thank you letters to speakers

6c Mitchell’s Close, Haddington
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